Every garden is a living, complex and delicate ecosystem. While creating our gardens we plan into the future and consider how the garden will look like in 5, 10 and even 20 years time.
To turn your dream garden into a reality, we offer support at all stages of design and construction, as well as ongoing maintenance. If you are considering designing and building your own house, we can collaborate with your architects to create a holistic and complementary garden design and carry this out at the right time in the construction plan.


Site visit and a thorough discussion with the customer

This is the initial stage of your future garden. Understanding of all preferences and specifications are of high importance for us. At the same time we have to see all the pros and cons of the land we are exploring, taking time and attention as we walk through it. At this stage we make an aerial survey as well.
  • Preparation of design sketches

    We prepare several drafts of potential design and after approval of the one you like best, we sign a contract for design.
  • Landscape design

    We prepare a full dossier: master plan, planting plan, irrigation and lighting plan, etc. At this stage we create a 3D visualization of the garden maduration.
  • Contract signing

    In the contract we fully and clearly describe all the required works and their prices. All transactions with customers are transparent and clearly stated.

Landscape works

We clear rubble and debris, clean the area, conduct soil regenetarion, make use of geoplastics. We start laying irrigation systems, drainage, lighting, before turning to paving the paths and working with any small architectural forms. Once these are completed we start the landscaping. We use planting material from the best nursery gardens of Europe, thoroughly and carefully selecting species and varieties of plants appropriate for your garden.

Garden maintenance

We offer a full range of garden maintenance services
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