GREENEV Landscape company provides a full range of landscape services in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Costa Maresme

Comprehensive garden development

  • – landscape design
  • – landscape works
  • – lighting and irrigation systems
  • – hard landscaping
  • – maintenance


Garden renovation

  • – plant replacement and regeneration
  • – pruning of trees and bushes
  • – pest and disease treatment
  • – lawn renovation
  • – renovation of paving, retaining walls and garden constructions
  • – setting up and rehabilitation of irrigation and lighting systemsя

Comprehensive garden maintenance

  • – lawn care in order to keep its decorative appearance all year long
  • – decorative and fruit trees pruning in order to keep its shape and ability to bear fruit
  • – care of green sculptures and bonsais
  • – integral plant care: optimal irrigation choice, soil loosening and fertilization, pest/disease diagnostic and any necessary treatment, invasive plant elimination
  • – all types of seasonal works: swimming-pool maintenance, pruning of dry and dead parts of the plants, loosening and breaking up of soil
  • – renovation of the fertile soil layer using modern agricultural technologies

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