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Magical time of childhood

Childhood is our dream time.There in the far corner of the soul it is always warm and cozy. You can smell granny’s short pastry there and taste sweet freshly picked strawberries. And that berry is much sweeter and richer in taste as it’s eaten like this when early in the morning you are still wearing your pajamas and sitting on the wooden porch of the cottage. “Everyone comes from their childhood” - you can’t but say better. And if your lifework originates from this marvellous world as well - you immediately feel the rightness and importance of your chosen path…

A girl was running along the paved paths in her grandpa's well-tended garden, dizzy with the smell of berries and mint. She was hurrying to the tree, where honey apricots grow together with peaches (interested in grafting grandpa made amazing and in most instances successful experiments.) The girl would gather fruit and granny would make a pie. And the little one was going to eat it right there, sitting in the shadow of that magical tree.

It was more than twenty years ago… A boy with eager curiosity that only children can experience was studying the history of landscape architecture in Europe, where he spent all his spring and fall vacations. European parks and gardens amazed, impressed and appealed to an eleven-year-old child. At that time he had already known he would be living in Europe. But the happiest time is connected to his summer vacation in the countryside, where accompanied by his grandpa he grew planting material of fruit trees and ornamental plants, seedings of annuals and vegetables. Unforgettable time: remarkable one filled with new discoveries, priceless knowledge and occupation, interesting and favourite.

He was obsessed with a natural desire to learn, explore and take an interest in all that world of greens. And at his fourteen he started working as an assistant of an agronomist in the field of subtropical and tropical plants in the greenhouse of "The central military sanatorium “Arkhangelskoye”...

Strawberries bore fruit twice a season, they had enough for jam, short pastry pies and tasty breakfast on the wooden front stairs of their cottage. Grapes, cherries and wild cherries, sweet tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers, mint, lemon balm and estragon... Flowers. From peonies to roses and daisies. Raspberries of different varieties lined the perimeter of the whole garden-patch. Time would pass, and the girl would see that she had been living in a real wealth surrounded with unbelievable refinement of the plant kingdom. That bit of a patch in a remote mining town in Rostov region, where she was spending every 3 months of her summer vacations, turned out to be a genuine precious casket that opened magic and beauty of the plant world for that little girl…

Exactly that kind of childhood filled with love and gratefulness to nature resulted in boy’s entering the faculty of fruit and vegetable science (now the faculty of gardening and landscape architecture) in Russian State Agricultural University of K.A. Timiryazev. The girl got her education on the faculty of biology and soil in RSU.

A young man was an honour graduate of the university, received his specialty as a scientist of agronomy being brilliant at the thesis defense under the topic: “The reconstruction of historic flower gardens in the park of the Estate Museum “Arkhangelskoye”. The young girl received a Scientific Degree: Ph.D. in Biology.

A rather sad condition of science made young people from opposite parts of Russia feel a bit discouraged. A real flair to the lifework and love to nature clashed against the necessity of earning a living. The young girl left for business, the young man tried himself in fitness.

But that was already in their nature. That was absorbed with every eaten berry on grandad’s pouch. They could feel it on their hands like soil when transplanting, it smelled like freshly mowed grass. It was their favourite pastime with their hearts in it that gave energy and inspired. It allured, couldn’t leave and wouldn’t leave forever.
So the young man, being successful in fitness, went towards his dream in 2012 - he travelled to Monaco. After his return to Russia he entered RANEPA on double programme under the control of the President: a Master’s degree and MBA in international business. He moved to Spain in 2015, where due to the climate it is possible to dive into a fascinating world of garden and ornamental plants. From that point he has stood on the right path.
Though the girl’s employment was indirectly connected to architecture and design, she was longing for more. Dreams of moving to Europe and return to plants world led her to Switzerland. And accumulated experience in the sphere of design made her decide to master agricultural design and study at the International Florists School. In 2017 she moved to Spain.

And here in Spain they finally met, two personalities from Russia passionately in love with their lifework: in the smell of freshly cut greens ready to be planted, in flowers and trees, in fruit and planting stock, having come a long loop, hard and rough, from a childhood dream to its materialisation. These two people are two of us - Alena and Vladimir, co-founders of the landscape company “GreenEv”.

These two people are us, Alyona and Vladimir, co-founders of the landscape company GreenEv.

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